Taking Suggestions

We recently sat down for a chat with one of our regular customers, Andrew. He works as a chef at The Baker + Butcher in downtown Honolulu and plays in the local flag football league. And, when it comes to drinking, he's always been a fan of Manhattans. As Andrew puts it, "It's the right combination of whiskey or bourbon and bitters with a sweet cherry thrown in to balance it all out."

We were curious, so we asked about how the Manhattans were at Bacchus. He told us that he'd been to a few other bars in town and none of them made Manhattans with the correct ratio of ingredients; some even used the wrong ingredients. Then he met bartender/owner David at Bacchus. After talking, David invited Andrew to try his version.

Andrew says, "It was the perfect Manhattan!"

So after a few weeks of enjoying the original, Andrew coaxed David into experimenting with some alternatives like swapping out the Rye Whiskey for Tennessee Whiskey or Bourbon.

Andrew found sweet bliss in the Tennessee Whiskey version. He now orders it regularly. And as for working with the Bacchus bartenders to try new things, he's made some great suggestions that we've implemented, including: using black pepper with the salt on salted rim drinks like a Margarita; adding different brands of bitters to the shelf; and helping craft a recipe for our entry into the $10,000 Mai Tai contest (still a secret recipe).

We appreciate Andrew's patronage and his willingness to lend his expertise with ingredients to our offerings.

Come on by on a Thursday night, you'll probably see him drinking his perfect Manhattan.

Today it's Throwback Thursday music all day and all night with all Tequila $5. Make your tequila drink a top shelf Margarita for $7. Btw: we don't use the pepper with our salted rims anymore- people didn't get it.... :-)

Throwback Thursday Mix features hot tracks from 1997. Click here to listen. Thanks Michael!