Daytime with Kainoa

Stop into Bacchus on a Monday afternoon (or some Saturday nights) and you'll meet Kainoa. He's one of several Big Island natives on our staff and his favorite drink to make is a Margarita. So Margarita Mondays are the best day for him. $3 for tasty tequila & lime. 

Kainoa keeps in shape with outdoor workouts that include running, push-ups and pull-ups in the park. He skateboards and also plays pickup volleyball with his buddies and, although he's the shortest player on the team at 5'9", he plays middle block because he can jump the highest. Coaching teen girls in volleyball is in his near future.

If you wonder what he does in his spare time, he's an avid gardener and finds inspiration in growing plants and roots. He has an affinity for Anthuriums, especially when they're glowing pink. If you see him out at a bar, he'll be drinking a Bud Light listening to any upbeat kind of music. 

And, when you see him at Bacchus, be sure to say hello to Kainoa and order a tasty drink!