We've Made Our Choice…

Audiences flocked to Batman v Superman this past weekend despite the bad reviews. But those reviews did their part by detailing that the film still contained the things that general moviegoers were looking for. Despite the ending (no spoilers)…

The reason many are going: Henry Cavill as Superman.

This 32 year old British hottie has been making us swoon since his 2002 debut in the Count of Monte Christo, but really came to be known by American audiences during his stint on The Tudors as Charles Brandon, confidante (and eventual brother-in-law) to King Henvry VIII.

We were curious. If he drank with us, which Bacchus cocktail would Henry choose?

The Forbidden Fruit cocktail would appeal to his British sensibilities. The combination of Crown Royal Apple and lemon juice is sophisticatedly smooth.

The Don Draper cocktail would appeal to his occasional bad boy side. Maker's 46 Bourbon and bitters ensure make it an Old Fashioned for a newly fashioned star.

We've extended an open invitation to Henry to visit us next time he's in town. Preferrably on a 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesday when he can try a few of our classics.