Me, My Selfie and I

In the past, it took some kind of human connection, or tricky photography, to capture your self-image. "Excuse me, sir, can you please take our picture?"

Now, with a selfie stick and a phone or a bathroom mirror (above) it's easy to capture that moment in your life to share with others. We love taking photo of ourselves and our friends! Indoors and outdoors....with just a tease of sexy.

Narcissism? Perhaps. But is it a bad thing? Absolutely not!

And it's been this way for a while...just modernized. Polaroid cameras and photobooths were a form of selfie. We just didn't have the ability to instantly delete (or untag) the ones we didn't like.

Snap a selfie at Bacchus (with a drink in your hand! Perhaps a $3 Monday Margarita) and post it to Instagram. Be sure to tag us.