First Time at Bacchus — Sam

Blog reader Jackson recently replied to our request to shared a story about his first time at Bacchus and we shared it with you last week. We asked if he had any more interesting stories about Bacchus and he put us in touch with his friend, Sam. Sam came through. Here's his story…

I’m a local mutt. Mixed, you know, a blend of Hawaiian, Portuguese and Chinese/Japanese, about 5’8” and 160. I'm athletic and in shape, but I don't have a ripped gym body if you know what I mean. In order to tell you about my first trip to Bacchus, I have to tell a back story about a trip to the beach.

It was sometime in December 2011 and I was on the grass at Queen’s Beach, killing time reading a book on my Kindle and people watching. It was turning out to be an uneventful afternoon, I was getting really bored with the novel and there was no eye candy. But just as I was going to pack up and head home, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a silhouette of a hunk coming down the path. He had the look of a businessman of sorts– late 40s, a beefy 6’+ body frame, and topped with short blond/grey hair. As he came closer, I made up a name for him; he was "The Scandanavian Superhero." And when he was about 10 feet away, I saw that he had strikingly bright blue eyes. I swear they pierced through my sunglasses because he smiled directly at me when he caught me looking. I pretended to be disinterested and gave him a brief grin and looked back to down to my Kindle.

But I kept an eye on him with my peripheral vision — he paced along the wall looking down at the beach and to try and figure out where to sit. He thought a bit then turned and walked towards my direction.

“Seems like the beach is nearly all gone down there, mind if I lay here?” he asked.

My pulse sped up a few a beats as I turned towards his voice and removed my glasses. I should have kept them on as he surely noticed my eyes roaming down his body before going back up to his face. I smiled, “Please feel free." Then I reached out my hand, "My name is Sam by the way.”

His large muscular paws enveloped mine in a firm handshake. He beamed and replied, “I’m Erik. Hope I’m not bothering you too much here. There’s hardly any space left on the beach to relax in.”

Without my glasses, I felt mesmerized by his beautiful eyes and I fumbled for a response, “Um… yeah, no worries. I like the grass here better anyway. You know, less sand in awkward places.”

“True. But that just makes a great excuse to get wet later,” he chuckled.

Erik had a deep throaty laugh that matched his voice and seemed befitting of someone with his physique. I imagined he must have been a Viking in his former life.

He spread his beach towel on the grass a few feet away from me. He stretched himself out then rolled up his shorts, revealing thick muscular thighs.

I had to consciously force myself to look away as the intensity of my stare would have surely popped the seams of his shorts. Not that Erik would mind, I could tell he enjoyed putting on a show and liked my attention.

Well, two can play at that game. I smiled one last time and popped my Wayfarers back on, laid back down to continue reading…

My patience and feigned ignorance was rewarded soon enough as Erik deep voice interrupted my reading.

“Sam, would you mind helping me out with my back”

I held my face in a composed manner but inside I was tingling with excitement and said “Sure, but you have to do mine after. I should probably reapply.”

“Sounds great,” Erik replied as he tossed me the sun block. He turned his back to me while seated on his towel.

I walked over and kneeled behind him, opening the tube of lotion. I squeezed out a handful of the white lotion, rubbed my hands together and placed it on his muscled back. I started on his shoulders; my fingers coated his traps with lotionmoving in a smooth circular motion toward his spine. When my hands got closer together, I abruptly reversed my flow. My thumbs pressed down and hard into his back.

“You have to work the lotion into the skin real good otherwise it’ll just sweat right off,” I whispered back into his ear. His eyes were closed as he nodded in reply, muscles relaxing with each breath.

I squeezed more lotion into my hands and moved downward along his back. Erik hunched over and flexed his lats making it easier for my to follow the muscle down. As my hands approached the small of his back, I reached both thumbs an inch into his waistband and massaged the tops of his glutes.

Erik sighed, “Wow, that feels good.”

I moved my hands up to massage his lower back muscles for a few more moments before pulling them off his body. “And you’re done,” I said.

“Really? I was just getting relaxed,” he replied.

“Oh wait, there’s still...” I trailed off in speech as I squeezed out a bit more of the lotion and gently gripped both his ears.

Erik laughed, “I did not expect that.”

“People always forget their ears" I grinned, "it’s your turn to help me now.” My arm rubbed along his neck as I reached over his shoulder to drop a bottle of sunblock in his lap. I made sure that my hand lightly brushed past his nipple as I stood up.

I walked back over to my towel to lay down on my stomach. I turned my head, just in time to watch him stand up. Our eyes connected and he smirked sheepishly and shrugged while adjusting his pronounced bulge. I smiled back, then closed my eyes and said, “Your turn, Erik.”

I felt his legs first, one knee on each side of my hips as he straddled me. His hands started in the middle of my back. I noticed that he didn't have any lotion on his hands as they worked down to the lower section of my back. He reached the small of my back and stayed there kneading my muscles. My body reflexively let out a small moan of distress as he released my skin. Damn, that felt good.

I heard Erik open the lotion and squeeze some out and soon he placed his hands below my shoulder blades. He massaged the lotion on my back and then slowly moved upwards. As he did, his knees slid down alongside my legs and I felt his hips press onto my ass. I could feel the heat of his bulge resting on my bum. He continued massaging my shoulders.

Erik pressed his fit body onto mine, lying right on top of me. I could tell he was aroused. He exhaled into my ear and whispered, “Now we’re even. Join me in the water to cool off.”

Not one to be outdone, I flexed my butt cheeks, gripping him through the material of my trunks. I arched my hips into the weight of his body and said, “Lead the way handsome.”

Erik slowly peeled himself off my back. I turned my head and watched him as he grinned and adjusted himself in his swim trunks.

“You better get in the water fast or those shorts may rip,” I told the handsome Viking.

“Hah. They may rip anyway. But hey, would you mind holding my cards in your bag?”

I nodded and Erik emptied out his pockets to hand me his cards and something dropped on my lap. I picked up the wooden disc and curiously asked, “What’s Bacchus Waikiki?” before putting it in my bag with the rest of his stuff.

Erik looked down at me incredulously. “You’ve never been? It’s a new bar in Waikiki. They hand out wooden nickels on Wednesday when you buy a drink for a free one later.”

I reached up and brushed the front of his trunks. “Do I get to keep it? Wood for wood right?”

Erik laughed at my joke. “I’m sure you already got a bit of wood… I’m going to head to the water now. Don’t leave me waiting too long.”

Erik jogged towards the ramp down to the water.

After a five minute cooling down period, I grabbed my bag and walked it over to the beach. Erik smiled and waved at me as he watched me approach. With just that look I could feel my heart quicken. I set my bag down where I'd be able to see it from the water then ran into the waves.

The water in Hawaii is probably warm to visitors, but to me it is always cold. So, I quickly dove into the water to let it shock my body all at once. I stayed underwater and swam a few yards to get the blood flowing again. I emerged a few feet away from Erik in water that was chest-high to splash him with the ocean spray.

“Hey, you’re getting me wet,” he protested.

“I thought that was the goal?” I asked, while splashing some more water in his direction.

“Come here you little tease,” Erik growled while closing the distance between us. He bear-hugged me in his strong arms and pressed his lips against mine. I resisted at first, surprised by his aggressiveness but gave in.

Erik moved his hands up to grasp me around my waist. Suddenly, he broke off the kiss and hauled me under water with him. He timed it perfectly as I was still reeling from the kiss and not prepared for the dunking.

I wriggled myself from our embrace, sputtering as I broke the surface, “Ass! Ok, we’re even now?”

“Haha, yes,” Erik answered, “want to dry up and get out of here?

My ears perked up at the invitation, “Sure. Where are we going?”

“How about a drink? I can show you Bacchus, it’s right by my hotel.”

“Oh really? I’ll be all salty.”

“It won’t be a big deal, it's totally casual. But, tell you what, if you want you can get cleaned up in my room before we go get a drink.”

“Ha! Now who’s being a tease?”

Well, I guess you guys can figure out the rest. I don’t want to get into too many details but needless to say we had a great time cleaning up, getting dirty, and cleaning up again in Erik’s hotel room. The Marriott he stayed at was right across the street from Bacchus, too!

True to his word, the bar had a low-key vibe to it. We had a few drinks before getting dinner and he used his wooden nickel to pay for one of them.

I’ll always remember my first time at Bacchus because I had such a great time with Erik.

Thanks. Hope you like the story.
– Sam