Throwback — 1990

Where were you in 1990? The United States launched Operation Desert Storm, Aerosmith appeared on Wayne’s World, East and West Germany reunited, Kevin Costner Danced With Wolves, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, internet pioneers wrote the first web page.

In the music world, “grunge” music exploded as Milli Vanilli imploded. The year 1990 features one of the most eclectic combinations of hit songs. From the haunting opening hook of Tom's Diner AND the choral harmonies of the Gregorian vocals in Enigma's Sadeness TO Deee-Lite funking up Groove Is In The Heart and Madonna vamping Vogue, the year's hits were as unpredictable as the changing world around us at the time.

It's Thursday, so download these tracks from 1990 and head over to Bacchus for some $5 tequila. This mix features tracks from The B-52's, Enigma, Jesus Jones, Pet Shop Boys, Janet Jackson and more. Click here.