ASK BACCHUS: Which is the Best Vodka?

My buddies and I had a debate this weekend. I think the best vodka is Belvedere. Two of them think Tito's is the best (you ran out of Tito's, which sparked the debate). The other guy always sticks with your well vodka. What do you think is the best?

Thanks, Keith.

Sorry we ran out of Tito's. The demand was higher than expected this week, but it's back on the shelf now.

Hey Keith,
Vodka, unlike many other spirits, is defined largely by the absence of flavor. The smoothest, most flavorless, is typically placed at higher value. But is there really a taste difference after you add a mixer like cranberry juice or cola?

We believe that it's purely a matter of preference. Tito's is a great vodka. It's great because it goes down smoothly straight or on the rocks. A recent Tito's faq sheet says: "Pot-distillation allows for more refined head and tail cuts, which we do primarily by taste." It's made from corn and therefor gluten free, and has a "slight sweetness, rounded shoulders and soft finish."

Refined head? Tail cuts? Rounded shoulders? Some people say that standard well vodka gives them bad hangovers. We wonder: Is it the vodka or is it that you drank way too much of the more inexpensive vodka?

We prefer to only carry products that customers like.

Here's a challenge to the four of you to settle your disagreement.

Next time you're in, ask the bartender to give you a blind taste test. Buy four shots of different kinds of vodka without being told which is which. Exchange sips of each and decide amongst yourselves which is best. And tell us…

Is the emperor wearing new clothes?