Diver Down

It's Tequila Thursday: all tequila shots are $5. A top shelf margarita is only $7.
Throw one back with us.

Today we're throwing it back thirty four years to 1982 when Van Halen released their fifth album, Diver Down. The album cover, a red field with a white diagonal stripe is the actual nautical flag and international code for "diver down."

Cruise the waters here in Hawaii and you'll see the flag occasionally. Sexy men in wet suits definitely capture our eye.

For Van Halen, Diver Down was their first album in three years and it was a mish-mosh of covers and original songs. Rock critics panned the album at first, but the group's retake on the Roy Orbison classic, Pretty Women was an instant hit. The song was preceded by a guitar-driven intro titled Intruder. The music video was one of the first banned by MTV, due to its opening sequence, where the captive girl is tied up and fondled against her will by a pair of little people. In the video the band members dress as a samurai (played by bassist Michael Anthony), bare-chested Tarzan (played by drummer Alex Van Halen), a cowboy (played by guitarist Eddie Van Halen), and heavily lipsticked Napoleon (played by frontman David Lee Roth). Check out the bizarre video below.

Enjoy some throwback Van Halen tunes today at Bacchus. Pauli is working 12-5; David fills in from 5-9; and the night shift will see Richard and Nick behind the bar. ;-)