Wet With Salvation…

This weekend we've experienced an interesting convergence of baptismal/renewal themes.

And we celebrate with men in wet t-shirts or less… (click to enlarge). We should have a Wet T Shirt contest, shouldn't we?

The first, of course, is Spring: the season where we wash away the doldrums of winter and look for new life and growth and the upcoming season of warmth.

Next, there's Songkran, or the Thai/Laotian New Year celebration (April 13-15) where Buddhist monks splash water on you to symbolically purify and the wash away your sins and bad luck. The celebration has evolved into a sort of water fight where young and old, participate in this tradition by splashing water on each other.

And finally, and strangely, Honolulu is finally getting to see the touring production of the Broadway spectacular musical, Book of Mormon. The delightful comic romp finds a way to send up not only Mormonism, but most religions. There's a second act Baptismal song with so many sexual innuendos, ("Wet with Salvation…," "Bathe me in God's glory...," etc.) it's difficult not to laugh out loud.

It rained a bit this morning, so, there's that, too. :-)
So we celebrate renewal, baptism and a new year.
Come to Bacchus today and whet your whistle....renew your spirit with our spirits. You'll be glad you did.