Hi, High and Hie!

Since today is 4/20, we wanted to report on the state of marijuana legalization in our State. In our research, however, one particular item seemed remarkably odd.

Did you ever read something and immediately call it bullshit? We're not talking about April Fools Day web posts (yes, people are still asking why we're changing our name — news release: we're not,) we recently read reports that say smoking marijuana makes you gay.

The source? A 2012 Reddit thread where straight-identified men claimed smoking weed opened them up to exploring gay sex.

While there’s no scientific evidence that getting high causes homosexual feelings, there is some evidence getting high increases libido. Along with increased sensuality and feelings of well-being, enjoying marijuana with some buddies could be a fun, sexy time for all.

Maybe you've experienced this? We imagine how this all goes down. Three phases:

First is the Hi
"Hey Bro, what's up man?"
"Hi dude. Just chilling."
"I've got this leftover roach, wanna get high?"
Followed by the High
"Whoa dude, let's makeout and have sex!"
"Okay! Awesome"
And finally, the Hie
"Wow! I don't remember ANYTHING that happened in the last few hours."
"Yeah, me either. I'm outta here."

 Just banged your straight friend? Marijuana and paranoia go hand in hand. Your friendship might be compromised.....but maybe not!

Just banged your straight friend? Marijuana and paranoia go hand in hand. Your friendship might be compromised.....but maybe not!

All kidding aside — maybe it's not bullshit, but maybe it is. Everyone’s high experience is going to be different, but because we’re men it’s almost always going to have some kind of effect on our sexual stimulation. The entire body is connected through nerves and tendons; and since our minds tend to bend to the will of our intuitive thoughts rather then socially crafted ones when high, it’s possible that we become less brainwashed while we’re under the influence.

When you’re on anything that inhibits normal brain activity, the normal release of dopamine, serotonin, as well as other receptors, are going to misbehave. That’s the curious part of being high or drunk, but it also can make us paranoid whenever we think something we don’t normally do. Our brains work in such a way that any thought, whether good, bad, authentic or unimportant, is collected and kept inside a sort of mental filing cabinet. The more we dig up these thoughts, the stronger they’ll be, which might make them more vulnerable when egos are out the door.

Smoking weed is still against the law in Hawaii except for limited qualifying conditions. So, our recommendation is to forgo the illegal activity and focus on yourself. Enjoy your friends, gay or straight, and don't try to seduce them.

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