Provoking Desire…

Shakespeare enjoys the coincidence of being born and dying on the same calendar day. Today, the world celebrates the anniversary of his birth and 400th anniversary of his death.

When it comes to booze, one of his finest lines is:

“Drink sir…it provokes, and unprovokes; it provokes the desire but takes away the performance.”

—WIlliam Shakespeare
Macbeth: Act 2, Scene 3

Sometimes, it's just a photo that provokes desire.

But, it's true. Drinking alcohol does make a man more lusty, and in excess, it makes a man less able. Bacchus, our tempting god of fun and frolic, would like you to achieve that right balance…to get to the edge without going over. We want you to have a Shakespearean Saturday. Enjoy yourself, and, in doing so, your smile will provide wide-ranging positive repercussions for a number of people.

Today, show your desire:
Cheer on the Bacchus Band of Brothers at Kapiolani Park at 10:30 as they try to solidify their first place rank as the HIGFFL plays their final regular season game heading into the playoffs.
Drink $6 Jack Daniels today and tonight at our wonderful, air conditioned, homey, comfortable local hangout at 408 Lewers Street. We open at 12noon and close at 2am.
Come hear DJ Takai as he takes on Saturday night (starting at 10) with incredible energy and engages the crowd to join the house party and bop to his beats.

To be (at Bacchus), or not to be (at Bacchus)? That is the question!