Always Believe in…


As Golden Week begins today we give you sexy tributes in booze, music and fun!

Golden Booze

In Greek mythology, Ichor is the ethereal golden fluid that is the blood of the gods and lethally toxic to mortals. Bacchus is a Roman god – we're serving the non-toxic ethereal golden nectar. Absolut Vodka is our Friday special for $6- turn it golden with some fresh squeezed OJ (for a few bucks extra) or turn it old school with our three-ingredient cocktail that shakes vodka, ginger beer and lemon juice - it's called Liquid Gold. 

 Drink a LIQUID GOLD cocktail at Bacchus

Drink a LIQUID GOLD cocktail at Bacchus

Golden Music

We send out a tribute to Spandau Ballet and one of their first hit songs, Gold. The lyrics to remember: "you're indestructible, always believe in your soul…." Click on the photo of the naked golden hottie to listen :-)

Listen to GOLD by Spandau Ballet

Golden Fun

We've got David and Richard serving up daytime/happy hour gold and throwback tunes and a little Beyoncé's (golden) Lemonade thrown in for spectacle. DJ Takai spinning his tunes to gold Friday night and DJ Kuya Saturday night. And, our flag-football team, the Bacchus Band of Brothers, going for a spot in the championship on Saturday morning, 10:30 at Kapiolani Park. Saturday afternoon we'll see the SPAM JAM on Kalakaua - we encourage you to spend some time there, but come back to Bacchus for a cocktail after Spam's salty goodness makes you thirsty.

Golden Week has begun at Bacchus! Come on in for a cocktail and the friendliest staff in Waikiki! You'll be glad you did.