All Smiles

Whether it's "Hakuna Matata," "Hasa Diga Ebowai" or "Jack & Coke," we hope you're all smiles today!

All smiles is an expression meaning happy. All smiles means that a person has no problems, questions or queries. It also means that nothing (no matter how hard or disappointing life can be) it cannot bother them.

Come to Kapiolani Park at 10:30am to watch the Bacchus Band of Brothers vie for a spot in the 2016 Hawaii Gay Flag Football League championship game. Then, come back to Bacchus for some $6 Jack Daniels, $4 delicious Baker + Butcher sandwiches and a night of great booze, music and fun!
Here's a sampling of the Friday night smiles at Bacchus. Click to enlarge.

Are you ready to smile for Bacchus? Model for us. Click here for more info.