ASK BACCHUS: When It Comes to Tequila, I Want More Than Shots and Margaritas!

Readers are asking us about tequila cocktails.

I'm kind of tired of margaritas and tequila shots are fun, but sometimes kind of harsh. I love to taste a variety of tequilas to find the most exquisite one for me. Which do you recommend?

The solution is simple: El Diablo, although it's not devilish at all.

The recipe has three ingredients: Pour a strong shot of the best reposado tequila you can find over ice. Add a generous splash of creme de cassis ( a liquor made from black currants; we prefer the French Briottet cassis). Add a small splash of lime juice with the drink and top it off with a spicy ginger beer. The result is a surprising and refreshing cocktail with a nuts and berries, Franco-Mexicano taste.

Easy and elegant at home or at the bar. It's hard to stop at just one.

How to garnish? A squeeze of lime will do fine, but take the time to cut a fat slice of lemon rind and twist it over the glass so the lemon oils land on the top of the drink and the rim of the glass.

The drink is usually served on the rocks, but try it served up in a cocktail glass. It's sort of like a sweet and fizzy tequila Cosmopolitan.

images from Elle magazine.

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