Not Everybody Does It, But Everybody Should…


This Throwback Thursday, we salute George Michael.

Two days ago, rumors of George Michael's death spread like wildfire on Facebook. The report has now been confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death reports. But through the years, early April hasn't been kind to this singer; April 7th is a day he'd most prefer to forget. We'd like to think of today as a day to celebrate the anniversary of his 'coming out' (see THE INCIDENT below the videos).

We love George Michael's soulful voice and groundbreaking slice of exuberance that was Wham! Below are our three favorite songs from his solo career. Come on in to Bacchus today and enjoy $5 tequila today and some throwback tunes

On Tuesday April 7, 1998 at 2:50PM, officer Shan Davis was working plain clothes crime suppression in the area of Will Rogers Park, located at Canon Dr. and Lomitas Avenue in Beverly Hills, California. Due to the increasing number of complaints of lewd activity in the men's restroom, he checked for any subjects loitering in the area. The officer saw a man enter the men's restroom. 

An interesting coincidence: Will Rogers Park, named for Will Rogers, whose most famous quote is, "I never met a man I didn't like..." We hope you appreciate the humor in that...

"As I walked into the restroom, I noticed the male subject standing at the urinal. He turned and glanced in my direction. I walked into the stall and stood by the toilet with the stall door remaining open."

"I began to simulate urinating. The male subject stepped away from the urinal and walked over to the south wall, and looked into the stall toward my direction. I noticed that the male subject was exposing his erect penis toward my direction, and began to masturbate, and with his left hand pulled his sweatpants down to his upper thigh revealing his buttocks (and that cleverly placed nicotine patch). He continued to masturbate as I walked past him, and left the restroom. I contacted my fellow officer, and arrested the male subject as he exited the restroom."

The male subject, George Michael, was fined and sentenced to 180 hours of community service, at a local AIDS charity. He admitted publicly for the first time that he is a gay man. We were not shocked.

George made the best of it. Later that year, he released "Outside," his tongue-in-cheek take on busting people for sex in public places. Take a look…