BOOZE, MUSIC & FUN: If It Swells, Ride It…

We've all seen them — the sexy surfer dudes shirtless and ripped carrying their boards to and from the beach. Whether they're wearing a wet suit, board shorts or nothing at all (hello Little Beach, Maui), they are objects of lust and fantasy. Claim your surfer today at Bacchus ;-), buy a

The Surfer On Acid

The Surfer on Acid is one of those drinks that conjures up some bizarre scenarios that may have led to its name. Imagine a surfer trying to stand up on his surfer board while tripping on drugs all while vying for your attention exclaiming, "'s a wave!"

It is a fun drink that is quite popular and served however you like. It makes a great shooter and many people enjoy it on the rocks, though some prefer it up in a cocktail glass. The only constant is that the ingredients are always equal in proportion, so it's a really easy drink to remember.

Malibu Rum (lends the coconut flavor to the drink) + Jägermeister + Pineapple Juice

The coconut rum tames down the bite of the infamous Jägermeister that has become synonymous with the Jäger Bomb. This cocktail is far tamer and a delicious, tropical drink that is perfect for a hot day or night out at Bacchus.