ASK BACCHUS: How About a 70s Party?

Enjoy Tap Tuesdays at Bacchus. All tap beer is $2 today and tonight.

A reader recently wrote in:

You guys should have a 70s party! What do you think?

To be honest, it's a great idea! While our minds first go to disco and Saturday Night Fever,…

…there's so much more that a tribute to the 1970s can offer. Style was relaxed and everything was groovy baby. The seventies are best known for the hippie chic way of dressing and how love was a free for all.

1970s fashion trends represent the rebellion against the old guard that began with the hippie movement of the ’60s. This is evident in the men's underwear ads during that decade- while still having to cater to the clean-cut old guard, they also skimped out and showed the younger generation that briefs can be hot!

The laidback lifestyles of the hippie movement inspired the birth of the “leisure suit,” boho style dressing and preference for all-natural materials in the ’70s.

The all-natural aesthetic was rejected by the nightlife loving disco fiends who wore synthetic materials like polyester and Ultra suede to shimmy and shake on the dance floor. 1970s fashion rejected formality in favor of function. This trend for “casual dressing” is what arguably laid the foundation for 1980s, 1990s and 2000s dressing. The return to everyday formal wear, except in the work place or at high profile events, has yet to return. We have the 1970s to thank for chic, classic comfort that’s versatile and easy to wear.

God, this stuff looks silly to us today. Imagine what the men of 2056 will think of the fashions, styles and clothing of today.

Stay tuned to find out when our '70s Party will be scheduled. We'll definitely offer up '70s tunes all day this Thursday for our Throwback tribute.