Arms in the Air!

When it comes to men, Bacchus loves 'em all: the hairy, the smooth and the trimmed....hey, it's your hair! If you want to remove it all, no one's going to stop you, but where do you draw the line?

Every Wednesday is 2-4-1 at Bacchus. Buy two cocktails for the price of one OR buy one cocktail and receive a Wooden Nickel to use any day/any time to receive the second cocktail.

Today, we ask about your arm pits: Do you keep your underarm hair trimmed to a reasonable length? Will it look better this way? If so, you might notice that you’ll sweat less and therefore smell better. You don't have to trim, mind you, and we'll let you take a pass if you don't.

The sexy shirtless 'arm(s) above your head' pose is one that'll always catch our eye. Take a peek at some that caught our attention. (click to enlarge)

For most men, body grooming involves walking a delicate line between looking like a caveman on the beach, or a member of One Direction. Then there are the more...nitty-gritty aspects of grooming, involving places where the sun don’t shine, and even some you’ve probably never considered before.

Keep it natural if you like. We love you for you.
Come to Bacchus, you'll be glad you did.