Accidentally Fabulous

Enjoy Jack Daniels for $6 today. Tonight, DJ Takai turns it on at 10PM! Always fun, never a cover!

Bryant, Luke, Brett, Nick, Malcolm and DJ Kuya made sure that Bacchus was the place to be last night. A large crowd was on hand to meet and greet a special visitor.

Mike Enders, queer artist promoter, bon vivant, provocateur and founder of must-read blog The Accidental Bear stopped by for a few hours last night. After a busy day and many interviews, he came by to meet, greet and charm locals and visitors. Some recognized him from his Honolulu days back in the early 2000s.

At one point, Mike asked, "How would you describe this bar?" Our response, "Bacchus is a fun, comfy, local neighborhood gay bar with a friendly staff and great cocktails!" He agreed.
Here are some pics from last night. (click to enlarge)

Mike, in orange, was happy to pose for a few shots with some of our customers and rewarded Robson with an Accidental Bear t-shirt (see below).