ASK BACCHUS: How Do I Get On Your List?

It's Tap Tuesday! All draft beers are $2 today and tonight! Come on up and enjoy a brew or two.

A blog reader wrote in last week:

I'm new in town and I noticed that you guys have a lot of events. How can I make sure to get an invitation to future events?

All of our events are posted on our website AND on our Facebook page. A way to ensure you get invited is to subscribe to our Facebook page. Here's how to do it:

On your computer: Visit and click the Subscribe button just below our cover photo. That way you'll be notified for every event we post.

For phones and tablets: Open the Facebook app, visit our page and scroll down to Upcoming Events (just below Photos), click See All and then click the Subscribe button. 

Now you'll be included in all of our invitations. Thanks for being a Bacchus customer. :-)