Mixing It Up!

We're happy to mix up your drinks today. It's 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesday. Buy one cocktail, get a second one, no charge. If you don't want the second one today, you'll get a wooden nickel for that cocktail to use any day, any time.

Hapa is a Hawaiian pidgin word used to describe mixed-race people — primarily, though not exclusively, those who are half white and half Asian. It's short for hapalua, the Hawaiian word that literally means "half" — and it originated as a derogatory term toward mixed-race children of plantation guest workers from the Philippines, Korea, China and Japan.

In recent years, though, hapa has become a term mixed-race people in Hawaii are proud to embrace.

Much more interesting than the word 'Amerasian' or 'Eurasian' or any of those combination words, the word Hapa says it all.

Today's popular culture perception of physical beauty celebrates mixed race people. Often labeling them as 'exotic' or 'unusual'. Whether it's the combination of Native American and Vietnamese; French and Korean; African American, German and Norwegian; or Swedish and Filipino, we know that the beauty lies within. Here are some gorgeous hapa men. (click to enlarge)

More and more Americans inhabit racial middle spaces. Soon the language we use for multiracial identity will become increasingly normalized.

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy a cocktail or two.
You'll be glad you did.