Only Two Blocks From the Beach!

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Read any gay travel guide or website about "gay" beaches in Oahu and they're sure to put Queen's Surf Beach at the top of the list. LOL!

One website claims, "You can’t miss this gay beach. You will see the guys frolicking in the water and sun bathing in the park. This beach has a snack bar, showers and restrooms. This beach can be very cruisy." (BTW: those photos above...they're not from Queen's Surf Beach.)

The people who write content for those websites have definitely not been to Hawaii over the last 10 years! Queen’s may have once been the place to be in the 90s, but today you won't find the crowds that once regularly visited there. You will find a smattering of folks on the grass nearby and some hanging out near the bathroom (hmmm?). You'll also see a few bewildered gay tourists arriving at the area wondering, "This is it?!!!"

Queen's Surf Beach in 2016. A small strip of sand before a rocky shoreline.

What happened? The rock walls built perpendicular all along Waikiki Beach have slowed shoreline erosion by reducing the amount of sand drifting down toward Diamond Head. That’s great for all of Waikiki Beach except Queen’s Surf. Due to its location as the farthest southeast section of the beach, the rock walls prevent sand from arriving to compensate for the natural erosion. So over the years the beach has shrunk in size significantly. Swimming in the water there isn't very fun either; heaps of rocks just below the surface can cut your feet, legs, hands and arms.

Where to go instead? Since it's 2016, gays no longer need to take the farthest beach away from everyone*. We do like creating our own enclaves and may have had a need for those locations historically, but not anymore. Progress means we can feel more comfortable being ourselves and do it in better beaches (and beach attire).

Head to Kaimana Beach just a short walk further past Queen's Surf. It's prettier, the sand is soft and the local surf crowd and some gay guys hang out there. Or head to Fort DeRussy Beach where the grass is much nicer and there's beach volleyball and other sporting areas (tennis and handball) set up. The beach is expansive and there are plenty of places to swim and frolic. It's adjacent to the military R&R hotel, the Hale Koa Hotel, so you're bound to see some hot shirtless soldiers. From Fort DeRussy, it's a short walk to the Shore Bird or the Royal Hawaiian to enjoy an adult beverage. It's also a short walk to and from Bacchus.

Finally, there are so many other fine Hawaiian beaches to check out, but for the gay tourist, you just may want to head to Mokuleia Beach. It's in the northwestern part of Oahu just beyond Haleiwa. Be warned (or get excited) that some people like to nude sunbathe there. It's not really legal, but the beach is not policed heavily.

So when someone asks you where the gay beach in Honolulu is, now you have the story and some alternate beaches to recommend. And let them know that Bacchus clued you in. Always a good time and never a cover charge.

Where do you go to the beach? Where should we all meet up? Which beach should we claim? Let us know, we'll post a survey this coming week.

*Will Rogers Beach in Los Angeles; North Beach in Chicago; the most difficult to access West Street Beach in Laguna' or the ones with all the sharp pointy rocks that no one else wants to swim at – Queen’s Surf Beach in Honolulu!