ASK BACCHUS: To Beach or Not To Beach

A blog reader wrote in yesterday:

We read your post about Queen’s Surf Beach and had to laugh! We were those pale, pasty and nerdy gay tourists - just off the plane and checked in to our hotel. We got our guide books out and looked for "gay beaches" and they steered us to the highly recommended Queens.

When we arrived, we were wondering if we were at the right spot. Friday afternoon at 3pm. Cloudless sky. No one was there. Tired and a little underwhelmed, we said, "what the hell..." and we decided to put our towels down on the thin strip of sand below the sea wall that was the "beach." Our towels were then soaked by a big wave. We left the beach with sopping wet and sandy towels and laughed hysterically for hours about our "this always happens to us" experience.

Despite what your post said about "gays are accepted everywhere," we still want to be around other gay guys when we are at the beach. It's just more comfortable for us.

Where do the local gay guys go?

Thank you for writing! Your question has raised some of our own questions and has prompted us to try out the new Poll/Survey/Questionnaire tool on Facebook.

We'll post the results this coming weekend.

Meanwhile, enjoy our Tap Tuesday! All tap beer is $2. All day. All night.