Open Your Eyes, Look Up to the Skies…

It's Margarita Monday at Bacchus. $3 Margaritas are an awesome way to start your week!

Look up.

Mars was the brightest star in the sky last night (besides the moon). It's because right now Mars is in opposition with the Sun — they are in direct opposite points of the sky from our point of view here on Earth. At the same time, Mars will be the closest its been to the Earth in 11 years. So Mars is shining big and bright and this excites the sky gazers. ;-)

Maybe, if you stare long and hard enough in the sky you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of these hot men who've spent some time on Mars. Wonder what was life on the red planet like for these Hollywood hunks? If not, come to Bacchus to find some men whose feet are planted on earth.

Taylor Kitsch went to Mars as John Carter. Colin Farrell went to Mars in the Total Recall remake. Matt Damon spent last year as The Martian.

About those probes we mentioned 1975, the US sent two probes to Mars. They were called the Viking 1 and Viking 2. They were sent to gather atmospheric and surface weather data. Not the kind of Viking Probes you were hoping for? Okay, well come to Bacchus today and probe further. You'll be glad you did.