Do You Wanna Take My Picture…?

It's 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesday at Bacchus. Buy one cocktail and get a wooden nickel for the second cocktail. Use the nickel any day, any time. Always fun, never a cover! DJ Takai tonight at 10!

Look around Waikiki and you'll see cameras everywhere. Whether they're in a smart phone attached to a selfie stick or a souped-up professional device with a high-powered zoom lens, we see 'em every day.

One photographer in NYC found a way to pair complete strangers and take photos...and the outcomes are interesting (click below to watch video)…

What is your reaction when a photographer wants to photograph you?

If you're with your friends, you're probably comfortable and even ham it up in front of the camera. If you're alone....well, that's another story. When you're with your friends, you're just part of a group; the solo shot turns you into a model!

Most of us have taken selfies, and, therefore, we're all de-facto models. In front a photographer, on the other hand, you have to face your insecurities and bear your soul.

Just like in the video, it's easier once you get to know the photographer. At first, it helps if you're brave. After a while, when the photographer puts you at ease, it becomes second nature.

We're looking for guys for photographs for Bacchus blog posts and print posters! Do you want to model? Know someone who should model? Singles, couples, young and mature; all are welcome. Let us know.

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