Friday Flirting, Part 1

Today and we're introducing a new Friday blog series.

Naughty Bacchus wants to know how you flirt? How do you let that sexy guy know that you find him attractive? Better yet, how do you get him to come home with you?

There are quite a few kinds of flirting — and for the next several Fridays, Bacchus will take a closer look at each type.

Are you comfortable enough to walk up to a person you find attractive at Bacchus and start talking to them? Few people are brave enough to pull that off but if you do, you could be surprised at the rewards. Introducing our first flirter…

Mr. Confidence
We hung out on the patio like we always do. We like to chat and we can hear each other talking. I don’t know how I missed him the first time, maybe because I was facing the wrong way, but I definitely saw him as he was making his way back from the bathroom. From that point on, my friends’ voices seemed muffled to me as I was mesmerized by this sexy man. I looked him up and down and back up again, not caring if he saw. I had nothing to lose; he looked like he was on vacation.

So as he slid by, I grasped his biceps lightly and asked, “Hey, what’s your name?”

We exchanged names and smiles and then I asked, “Can I buy you a drink?”

He nodded and I held on to his arm as we went inside the bar together. Things got a little more imtimate later………

Do you flirt like Mr. Confidence?
This guy always keeps it in check. Overconfidence often comes off as arrogance.
You'll do fine flirting this Friday.

However you flirt, come practice it at Bacchus tonight.
Absolut is $6 all day. DJ Kuya is spinning at 10PM.
Always fun. Never a cover.

Today is Malcolm's birthday, come on in and wish him well. :-)
Next Friday, we'll introduce you to our second flirt, Mr. CalmCool&Collected.