Neat. It's a word that, in it's own way, harkens back to the '60s.

Just hearing the word can throw back your thoughts to a day when things were psychedelic and groovy. But the meaning of the word has outgrown its Marcia Brady "far out" slang. Today, often it's used as an exclamation: "That's a really neat shirt!" "I really like those guys, they're kinda neat!" "Man, I got me some last night and it was NEAT! Wanna see his pics?" "I think it's neat that you two are hanging out!"

FOR FUN: Pair the four "neat" phrases above to each one of these four photos from last night at Bacchus.

Of course, to a bartender, it means something completely different, but we can distill the meaning of all the uses of "neat" down to one simple concept: Some thing that is easily pulled off that has an awesome outcome.

Today, when you order Añejo Tequila Neat (for $5), neither Brett, David, Robson, Nick or anyone serving you will have to look up the recipe. Come to Bacchus and enjoy our Throwback Thursday tunes and our Throwback Thursday $5 Tequila special.

And another thing: It'd be neat if you also did this today:
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