Which is the Best Gay Beach in Waikiki?

Back story: Earlier this week, a reader wrote to us with a question about a previous blog post about gay beaches in Waikiki. So we decided to ask you.

The poll was conducted on Facebook using their proprietary tools. From Tuesday, May 24th through Friday, May 27th, we had 781 individuals (mostly men) participate.* Below is a screen grab of their stats about the poll takers.

We know that Oahu offers beautiful beach options outside of Waikiki. We also know that no beach in Hawaii can compare to the status of world famous "gay beaches" like Ipanema, Brazil; Fire Island, NY; Maspalomas, Gran Canaria; North Bondi, Sydney; Elia Beach, Mykonos; or Herring Cove, P-town.

We just wanted to know where the gay folk enjoy beaching when they're IN Waikiki.

We posed three simple questions:
1. How often do you go to the beach in Waikiki?
2. What do you like to do at the beach in Waikiki?
3. Which is your favorite Waikiki beach (ranked 1-5)?

The Results:

Most of the poll takers go to the beach in Waikiki a few times every month. So, there's at least 364 gay folk, or gay-friendly folk who head to the beach in Waikiki 2-5 times per month, and a small portion who like to take a poll about gay beaches in Waikiki, but never actually go to the beach in Waikiki. ;-)

1. How often do you go to the beach in Waikiki?


2. What do you like to do at the beach in Waikiki?

If we had a comments section, this question would have been jam packed with clever quips about ogling the bodies and bulges of hot surfer dudes or bitchy diatribes about the over-saturation of tourists in some beaches in Waikiki. The results of this select all you like to do question were not surprising. Most of the poll takers (83%) go to the beach to People Watch. More than 70% of us enjoy Hanging with Friends and Swimming or Surfing when we're at the beaches in Waikiki. 50% of us went to the beach in Waikiki to Be around Gay People and 26% went to the beach to Play Games.


3. Rank Waikiki Beach areas in terms of how likely you would go there to do the things you enjoy at the beach. (1 most likely/5 least likely)

Best Gay Beach in Waikiki from our poll:
Fort DeRussy Beach is the clear winner.
Kaimana Beach is second choice.

We love our extremes! The beaches at either end of Waikiki came out on top!

We thank those that took our poll. We hope you're happy with the results. Like every poll, (and… ahem…election) sometimes the results are not what some of us prefer. They represent the preference of the masses. We encourage you to visit the Waikiki beach you love best.

The results will help steer us toward selecting a location for our 4th of July beach celebration with The Aloha Bears and other Honolulu gay groups. And, perhaps in the coming months, Fort DeRussy or Kaimana can be the site of many a meet up to people watch, hang with friends or just swim and play in the beautiful bay.

*What do we think of the discrepancy between visitors and participants? Several theories have been offered. The foremost is that some potential poll takers may be turned off by Facebook's collecting their private information.

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Always fun, never a cover: Bacchus Waikiki. Enjoy the holiday weekend!