All in the Family!

Today, the Aloha Bears set sail on their monthly catamaran cruise and meet at Bacchus pre- and post-sail. Come on up and say hello. We've got our make-your-own bloody mary bar and the best bar staff in Honolulu.

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday we celebrated brothers—our Band of Brothers flag-football team. Today, we honor mothers. Brothers and mothers; family. 

Many gay individuals find new families in the community that we choose to belong to……Bacchus is the place to find your family.

Sometimes it's not easy being the new guy (or gal) in town. It may be hard to connect with local cliques that have long-standing histories. Sometimes you may wonder if you've been swept into a Hawaiian real-life gay version of Mean Girls.

We want Bacchus to be the place where the barriers to connect with others are not even evident. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest places in town to build your new family.

Some "families" we're proud of: our customers J, H, T and others have become great friends at Bacchus. The men of the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League bond during Bacchus events, beer busts and white gummy bear shots. And, the Aloha Bears, who meet at Bacchus monthly pre- and post-catamaran cruise for fun.

We want to provide great drinks, the best music and the spirit of Aloha (always with a wink-wink from our naughty namesake, the god of revelry, Bacchus)

Here are some photos from recent nights at Bacchus.

Spend time with us. Let us become your new family! :-)