Pics from the Sunday Sail

It's Margarita Monday at Bacchus. $3 Margaritas - the perfect way to start your week!

Bacchus loves The Aloha Bears. They're a welcoming, accepting and friendly group that meets up for fun and frolic and has a mission to give back to the community.

Yesterday, the Aloha Bears meet up at Bacchus for their Second Sunday Catamaran Booze Cruise to register and enjoyed a few cocktails. They then walked over to Waikiki Beach and boarded the Na Hoku II and set sail for 90 minutes. Later, they all convened back at Bacchus for a light lunch and delicious afternoon cocktails. Take a peek at some pics from the cruise. (Click to enlarge)

The next cruise is their special Memorial Day Weekend Cruise on Saturday, May 28th. Click here for more info.