Pit Crew

It's 2-4-1 Wednesday. Get two cocktails for the price of one. Don't want the second one now? You get a wooden nickel in it's place. Use it any day, any time. Tonight, DJ Kuya rocks the house at 10PM. Never a cover. Always fun.

Raise your arms. Put your hand(s) behind your head. One of your sexiest body parts is showing up: your armpits.

When you're a young gay man, catching a glimpse of armpit hair on a sexy man can get you very excited. It signals manliness, virility, masculinity- characteristics you crave…to be or to be with. Take a look at some beauties we've culled from the internet. Consider them inspiration to be the man you want to be or inspiration to remain the way you are.

Let your armpit hair be natural, or trim it and keep it tidy, or shave it all off. Take a look and let us know which one you prefer…

If you’re working hard everyday at the gym to have muscled arms, then consider letting your armpit hair grow. It contrasts with the color of your skin and makes your muscles stand out more. Remember this photo of Jim Morrison? His sinewy body and wimpy shoulders and upper arms are made to look more virile with his arms raised and the peek of pit hair.

Of course the pit shot is sensual and sexual. It conjures up kinky thoughts.... well, if you're naughty Bacchus, they're kinky. ;-)

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