Above the Rest…

DJ Michael Fong returns to Bacchus, Saturday 6/18 from 10PM-2AM. His set will be a tribute to the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando.
AND…it's 2-4-1 Wooden Nickel Wednesday. Purchase two cocktails for the price of one. Or, if you don't want the second cocktail right away, take a wooden nickel to use any day, any time.

He walked into the room and the crowd quieted. He felt all eyes on him and he knew his work in the gym was paying off. He was standing in the shadows and they couldn't make out the face, they did notice his physique. In fact, they really noticed his broad muscled shoulders.

There's something about the guy with the bulging shoulders that grabs our attention. Are we talking about the guys who pump weights in the gym every day kind of broad shoulders? Or naturally broad shoulders? The guy could still be lean and have an athletic figure and still have broad shoulders, kind of like Michael Phelps.

A good set of shoulders sends a highly manly signal. He's a strong man ready and able to carry anyone from a burning building, or cradle a kitten or infant. The broad shoulders invite us to lean against them while being held or grabbed onto when other things are happening...

Obviously, the tattooed shoulder takes the discussion to another realm. We like 'em all and, again, we emphasize that no matter your physique, it's what's inside that counts. A muscle-shouldered dickhead is not attractive. When we look at these photos, we imagine that they're the kindest, sexiest men in the world...and they drink the same Bacchus cocktails that we do....especially on Wednesdays when it's 2-4-1. Click to enlarge.

Naughty Bacchus wants to know: Do a man's shoulders turn you on? Is a guy with hulking delts head and shoulders above the rest? When's the last time you had a shoulder ride? Think about it and let us know. ;-)

and there's always this kind of shoulder ride......(naughty, naughty.....) ;-)

Join us tonight for cocktails and another OUTSTANDING SET by our own DJ Takai at 10PM! You'll be glad you did!
Never a cover. Always fun.