Timeless: Gary Cooper

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This is the third installment in our Timeless series looking back at Hollywood heart throbs of the 20th Century, many who passed on too early. We imagine what their lives may have been and honor their talents and celebrate their legacies.

Today, we take a look at dashing, blue-eyed Gary Cooper.

Gary Cooper's lucky break came because a lead actor overslept. At 23, Cooper was playing a background part in the movie, It (the one that made Clara Bow, the It Girl a star), and, on a whim, the director put Cooper in the lead role. His career was born. His next role was in Wings (the first Academy Award winner for Best Motion Picture).

In his next film, he appeared nude, yup, audiences were treated to Gary Cooper's full-frontal prowess- shaving naked in a river. The movie? Wolf Song. No copies exist today. A few images remain, but none of his full nakedness (trust us, we looked!). It was "pre-code" Hollywood and there were no rules about film content. But it was 1929 and the world had seen his penis; he didn't seem to mind and the world was quite, um....impressed. ;-) There's one still image of him from that movie, naked, sitting in the grass, in the grid below....Click to enlarge (LOL). And, like we said, the movie doesn't exist anymore. Naughty Bacchus tried his darndest to find it!

Through his career, he was a notorious sex addict. He had affairs with all of his co-stars including Lupe Velez, Marlene Dietrich, Patricia Neal and Grace Kelly. He is rumored to have been bisexual, swinging his prowess around in both directions. He had a "room mate" and close friendship with Anderson Lawler, known, in the time’s parlance, as a “swisher,” or flamboyant homosexual.

He was able to transition from silent films to talkies with ease. His manly demeanor and voice helped glide him through. He shined in The Virginian and turned down the role or Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind.

No one smoldered quite like Cooper. In his early films, he was glamour on a horse: unlike so many city-boys-turned-screen-cowboys, he grew up in Montana, one of the last veritable frontiers of the early 20th century. Over his 30 years in Hollywood, he would play variations on the cowboy — the cowboy goes to war, the cowboy goes to the city — but in each turn, he not only won the day, but did so righteously. He played a type...he was a hot, sexy man, full of potential, swagger, and perfectly sun-kissed, golden shoulders. And that nude scene (swoon!).

He has always embodied and been the very essence and representative of male beauty at it's very best. That's Gary Cooper. The photos we've included represent the various things that made him so beautiful. He died too young, at age 59, of prostate cancer. We remember him young and middle aged. Sexy, manly and virile.

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know and see Gary Cooper. Next week, our Timeless series looks at Clark Gable. Come to Bacchus today for $5 tequila and some throwback tunes. You'll be glad you did. ;-)