Friday Flirting, Part 4

Tonight: DJ Takai rocks our house party at 10PM. Tomorrow night: DJ Michael Fong returns to Bacchus at 10PM.
His set will be a tribute to the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando.


Naughty Bacchus wants to know how you flirt. We've introduced you to Mr. Confidence, Mr. Calm, Cool & Collected and the Browser.

And, by now, you know that there are quite a few kinds of flirting — today, we look at the guy who looks, then looks away. WInks, then pretends you're not there. This guy is a flirt and we call him the Tease.

“Patrick walked into the bar with his friends and he was smokin' hot! His smile was framed perfectly by the dimples on his cheek. I saw him look at me and I knew he was interested. I walked his way to say hi, but he quickly turned away to start a conversation with his friend. So I headed back to my spot and see Patrick look and smile again. I tried one more time as I walked back from the bar and yet again, he turned away and chatted with his friend.

I thought to myself, ‘Two can play at this,” and I scanned the room for someone else cute. A few Moscow Mules later, I was making out with the new guy, Jiro. When I glanced up during the kiss and saw Patrick with the dimples watching us go at it. So I gave him a smile before I snaked my tongue down Jiro’s mouth. I could tell Patrick was enjoying the show since he started walking towards us with a big grin on his face and what looked to be a grin in his pants.”

So what happens next? Do all three wind up together? Does jealousy create a distance? Does the third guy have any clue as to what's going on? Naughty Bacchus is curious and his dirty mind imagines all kinds of sexy scenarios....but this is about flirting... :-)

However you flirt, come practice it at Bacchus tonight! DJ Takai is spinning his special brand of musical tease! You'll love it! We do. Never a cover. Always fun!