#TwoMenKissing #BacchusWaikiki

Man on man. Lips on lips. That's what we're all about today at Bacchus. Bring your friends. We're open now. Do it. We'll be on hand this afternoon and evening encouraging you to kiss and snapping photos (with your consent, of course).

Drink up your $6 Jack. You won't need liquid courage, though. It's all about showing the world that love is love. Give him a passionate kiss or a peck on the cheek. Even when the whole world is no longer surprised, shocked or offended by the sight, we'll probably still want to see more pics of men kissing.

And, not to be missed! After a long absence, DJ Michael Fong is back at Bacchus at 10PM and he's dedicating his set to Orlando.

Bring your energy, your spirit, your friends, lovers and lips to Bacchus. Never a cover. Always fun....and sometimes a little naughty. ;-)