Loved Ones Become Our Family

Last Sunday morning, Americans woke up to news of a shooting at a nightclub — 49 people dead, most of them gay men. Hours after the news broke, the gunman’s father suggested to the news media that the sight of two men kissing in Miami may have prompted his son to kill.

All week, #twomenkissing has been the hashtag to use in direct response to the shooting. It's an appeal to all to become more comfortable with the physicality of gay people. And photos of two men kissing have popped up everywhere. Below are some photos taken during our event at Bacchus mixed in with others taken from around the world. Click to enlarge.

To Bacchus, there's nothing more natural and beautiful than seeing two men smooching. No matter who you kiss, we're proud to be part of your family.

Last night, one of our family, DJ Michael Fong, returned to play at Bacchus for a beautiful tribute to Pulse and Orlando.

And thank you for including this loving tribute from Christina Aquilera into your set.

Come to Bacchus today and celebrate your loved ones, your family and Father's Day.