Vital Vessel....

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He turns his head to the side and exposed that sexy sinewy sight that is his neck. It's one of his g-spots; just kiss it and goosebumps will rise—his libido will stir. The area is demarcated by his beard stubble, his perfectly formed ear and the the short soft hairs tapering toward the back of his head.

Exposed, it makes him feel vulnerable, like one of Eric's victims on True Blood. Stretching and rotating his head, his Adam's apple rises and falls when he swallows. Then his chin drops back into resting position and his strong jawline casts a shadow over his throat.

The neck is still highly sensual — soft skin, elongated, smooth lines, one’s throat is rarely touched except by lovers… or aggressors. Because the throat is also highly vulnerable — veins are close to the surface, and essential air is usefully transported from the nose and mouth to the lungs. Is the neck sexy because the throat is a vital vessel carrying blood supply to our brain, housing our airway and esophagus. Or is it something more base.....? Consider this true story:

Eleven year old Patrick was home watching tv with the family one evening when he noticed a closeup shot on Donny Osmond. All of a sudden, he started to get aroused. He knew what it was....Donny's chest hair creeped up over his shirt collar and towards his bare neck. Patrick wanted to kiss 18 year old Donny Osmond's right there and rip off his shirt and make love to the teen idol. His thoughts were wild....Donny Osmond had awakened his animal instincts. He wanted to go for the jugular, not for the kill, but for the conquest.

Did you have a crush on a man when you were an early adolescent? Was it because he had a sexy neck? Adam's apple? Or how about a neck tattoo?

Doesn't a sexy neck just make you want to take a bite? A nibble? Or just a kiss?
Kissing your partner's neck can be a cute way to show your affection, or it can be a sexy move that initiates foreplay and leads to something more. You can kiss his neck in a variety of places and can even mix things up with licking and biting if the mood calls for it.
Here's some instructions on How to Kiss Your Partner's Neck from WikiHow:

  1. Stroke his neck with your fingers. Lightly stroke his neck with the tips of your fingers. This will begin to turn him on and may even make him shiver with pleasure. Stroke the area that you plan to kiss and he will feel even more pleasure when you kiss him there.
  2. Kiss him on a sensitive part of his neck. One of the most sensitive parts of the neck is the where the neck connects with the shoulder and collarbone. Another sensitive part of the neck is the front left or right side. But almost any part of the neck is sensitive and susceptible to your kisses.

    Use your body as you kiss his neck. Don't just stand apart from your partner and lean in to kiss his neck. Instead, wrap your arms around him if you're facing him, or wrap your arms around him from behind if you're kissing him from behind.


  3. Kiss your partner's neck with an opened mouth. Slowly open your mouth in between kisses, and begin to kiss your partner's neck with an open mouth, separating your lips as you gently kiss his skin. You can also move up and down your partner's neck to add some variety

    Breathe some hot air on your partner's neck in between kisses. This will drive him crazy with pleasure.

    If you're really getting into it, lick his neck from the bottom to the top. Use only the tip of your tongue and be very gentle. Make sure he's enjoying this sensation.

    Do not do this if it's your first time kissing this person. Confirm with him first that he'sinterested. This goes for blowing air or using your tongue, and especially for biting and sucking. If it's your very first time, just stick with open and closed mouth kisses. Do this so that you and he can discuss anything else that the two of you would be interested in doing.


  4. Slow down. Give him slow wet kisses so he can really feel the sensations. You can focus on kissing one area of the neck or move all around his neck. Try kissing near his ear – this is another sensitive area. Blowing hot air near the ear may drive him wild as well.


  5. Suck gently on his neck. Gently suck on his neck for just one or two seconds at a time. Just don't do it too quickly or you'll leave a hickey, and he may not be into that. You can suck on his neck in between close-mouthed or open-mouthed kisses.

    You can also blow some cool air onto the spot that you sucked when you release your mouth. This will make him shiver... :-)


  6. Gently bite his neck. After you've been kissing his neck for a while, try gently biting his skin. If you're careful, you can bite a little bit of skin in between your teeth and gently lift it before lowering it. Remember to take it easy with this one – at first, you may catch him by surprise.

Don't go vampire on him. Just make him want you more and more....
Then bring him to Bacchus for a drink....and tell us all about it! :-)