Friday Flirting, Part 5

There's always a party at Bacchus! Celebrate Friday with $5 Absolut. DJ Takai at 10PM. Tomorrow is Pink Saturday. The best weekend of the year is just beginning.

Our Friday Flirting series continues. So far you've met Mr. Confidence, Mr. Calm, Cool & Collected and the Browser and Tease. Naughty Bacchus has one more for you today…

Do you have a partner-in-crime that you like to go out cruising men with? Or maybe one particular wingman that always looks out for you? Or maybe you’re the feisty troublemaker that likes to “help” your shyer friends get into sticky situations…

Here's a story from Vincent:

“My best friend Shawn is a great guy. He’s just quiet and a bit shyer in big group situations so I feel like it’s my duty to assist him in meeting guys. Even if protests leading up to it all, he always thanks me later when we meet up to gossip over noodles the next day.

This one night, we got into Bacchus fairly late. We had a few shots at home so we were feeling a little buzzed. We walked in and looked around. The lights were low and DJ Takai was spinning and the crowd was bopping. We waved at a group of our friends who were hanging towards the back of the bar. We glanced around, checking out the rest of the crowd and went to the bar to get drinks. Shawn leaned over to orderthe first round and I had a great view of the guy next to him doing a double-take to stare at Shawn’s booty.

He was a cubby/hipster guy, wearing short sleeve flannel and a blue Mariners cap. Totally Shawn’s type. The guy was practically drooling as he gazed down.

‘Hey, what’s your name?’ I asked, interrupting him from his reverie. Startled, he looked up and mumbled something unintelligible. I laughed and replied, ‘Don’t worry, we’re just friends. His name is Shawn, and you should buy him a shot of Patron.’

I reached over to grab my drink from Shawn. Turned his head to look at the guy next to him.
‘Don’t leave yet. Seattle over here is buying you a shot. I’ll catch you guys up later!’

The next morning, Shawn shows up wearing a familiar Mariners cap and a silly grin on his face.

Naughty Bacchus is curious to know: are you like Vincent? Do you see an opportunity to help out your buddies and snag it? Does your ability to flirt provide the assist?:-) Let us know.

Hope you've enjoyed our Friday Flirting series and however you flirt, practice it at Bacchus tonight! DJ Takai will make you smile starting at 10PM! You'll love it! We do. Never a cover. Always fun!