I Drink Margaritas…

Have you ever been out at Bacchus and seen a group of guys pounding shots, and thought "That's the kind of person I want to spend the rest of my life with?" If you have, that's great! If you haven't, it's probably because you read the vibe of that group as "We love each other and being buzzed more than we love the idea of being settled down right now." You may have been right.

Cosmopolitan did a story back in December about, "What a guys drink order says about him." They claim that they're not into stereotyping men (other than men doing shots), but had this to say about the man who drinks Margaritas:

Anyone who wants a margarita above all else is a festive person in general. Don't confuse this dude for the tequila shot-taker — this guy's just trying to have a good time, not a blackout disaster of a night. Though he may not be the person you're trying to spend forever with, he's certainly great for a short-term thing. He's always down to party, but he's totally ghosting before morning.

So. There you have it. According to Cosmo, the margarita drinking fellow is your one night stand man; good in bed with no strings attached.

Well Margaritas are $3 on Mondays at Bacchus. Top shelf margaritas are a bit more expensive.

How we make top shelf margaritas at Bacchus

A great top shelf margarita starts with good tequila. There are dozens of excellent varieties. We use any of the silver tequilas, which drink smoother than their oak-barreled cousins. Just a preference.

The best top shelf margarita is made either with Cointreau or Grand Marnier. We prefer Cointreau because it’s much smoother. Also, Grand Marnier tends to be very syrupy and can overpower the other contents, if overused. The bottom line is — if you use a cheap orange-flavored accompaniment, you might get a mediocre margarita.

The mixer is also critical. There are three options: Fresh-squeezed limes work best, generously thrown into the mix. Admittedly, this isn’t always economically feasible, so a good lime-based syrup (commercially sold in bottles) is an acceptable substitute.

Once you have the recipe’s big three — tequila, triple sec, and the lime mixer, you have the basics. But this is just half the game. The art is about color and texture. Place all the liquids, plus a key lime slice or two into a stainless steel shaker. Cover with glass and shake vigorously. This will create a blend of the liquids which will sustain for the shelf life of the cocktail, while also creating the froth effect. Pour zesty libation over ice cubes, into glass rimmed with kosher salt.

Enjoy a $3 well margarita or a more pricey top shelf margarita today at Bacchus! The one-night stand, that's your own business :-)