Ask Bacchus: What's a Well Drink?

Order any tap beer today and we'll charge you $2. Add a Baker + Butcher Roast Beef 1/2 Sandwich for just $4 more. It's the deal of the week!

I just turned 21 and, of course, I'm new to the bar scene and don't know much about drinking, liquor or bars. What are some tips that won't make me look like a dork when ordering?

WELCOME! Bacchus is happy to serve you (with proper ID). We always want you to be comfortable at our bar. So throw away your fears, our bar staff will guide you through the ordering process and you'll be naming off your drinks like a pro before you know it.

By this age, you have probably sampled some beer and cocktails at parties or at home. If not, you know what tastes you prefer. Is beer refreshing to you? If so, what is it about the taste that you like? The saltiness? Coolness? Flavor? When you know nothing about the beer selections that are being offered, tell the bartender what you like and we'll give you a sample taste.

Of course, this is a better process when the bar is less busy. It's not recommended to be indecisive when the bartender is super busy with a queue of people in front of the service area clamoring for drinks.

Most bars that offer beer, wine, and liquor carry three or four different levels of liquor quality. The first and least expensive is Well liquor. It's the liquor we serve when a customer doesn't specify a brand. For example, you'll get a Well vodka when you order a "Vodka & Soda." They're called well drinks because the bottles sit in the bartender's well in the workstation, away from your direct view.

If a customer orders a specific brand by name, this is referred to as a Call liquor. For example, you'll get a Call vodka when you order a "Absolut & Soda." These are generally the next level of quality and the next level of pricing. Finally, there's Premium and Superpremium liquors. These are the high-priced brands that aren't ordered as frequently as the call brands. Premium and Superpremium liquors will have an even higher price than Call brands. And, to close out the examples, you'll get a Premium vodka when you order a "Ketel One & Soda."

The brands we carry at Bacchus have varied depending on what our customers are drinking at any given time. Just like fashion, certain liquors go through popularity trends. What's a hot-selling drink now may not fly out the door in six months.

Here's some additional verbiage that a newbie should be familiar with:

Shot: Usually about 1 1/2 ounces served in a small glass without ice. Normally, you drink a shot by picking up the glass, putting it to your lips, and tossing it all back at once. Order a shot of Jack or a shot of Tequila.

Neat: Two ounces of spirit served in an old-fashioned glass without ice. Meant to be sipped. You might order a "Bourbon, neat."

Up: Two ounces of spirit stirred with ice, and then strained out into a chilled, stemware cocktail glass. "Martini, up, two olives," we know you've heard that before. :-)

Rocks: Two ounces of spirit served over ice. "Whiskey on the rocks."

Twist: A section of citrus rind, often lemon, that when twisted, releases oils and flavor to your cocktail.

Shooters: One ounce of liquor mixed with another liquid (alcohol or non-alcoholic additions) generally drunk quickly. Shooters can be shaken, stirred, blended, layered, or simply poured. Our staff loves to make "White Gummy Bear Shooters." Note: these can get pricey.

And, remember, our bar staff is happy to help. If you don't know something, just ask. :-)