We Want You Just The Way You Are

It's 2-4-1 Wednesday at Bacchus and our DJ plays at 10PM. No cover, always fun! Join us!

Men experience hair growth in a variety of areas including our backs, chests, arms, legs, butts and pubes. Numerous media outlets will decry men's body hair and have surveys on what to manscape and how often it should be done.

Bacchus loves you the way you want to be. If you're hairy, trimmed, shaved or plucked, we want you to be the most comfortable you. When you're happy with yourself it shows. And that's what Bacchus finds beautiful.

Bacchus loves when hairy men let it grow. The chest hair swirls around the pecs and thickens on the sternum. Belly hair guides the eyes lower. Back hair envelops him in a manly hug.

Bacchus also loves natural and trimmed body hair. Brazen and bold, the manscaped body is a bit more directive in leading the eye.

And Bacchus embraces the smooth and shaved body. Sleek and sensual, this man shines in his skin.

Whatever nature gives you or compels you to do with respect to body hair, we love it.

We recognize the beauty of your body hair choice because it's who you choose to be. Bacchus encourages all to accept others body hair choices and to acknowledge the pure sexiness of a man who is comfortable in his own skin. (click to enlarge)

Bring your hairy or hairless body (c'mon, we know you shave your balls...no? trim?...whatever!) ..bring it down to Bacchus and drink with us today and tonight. Wednesdays are Wooden Nickel Wednesdays where our cocktials are buy one/get one free (we call it 2-4-1). If you don't want the second cocktail right away, we'll give you a wooden nickel to use for the second cocktail any day/any time. It's a great deal. :-)