Friday Flirting, Part 2

This is the second installment in our new Friday blog series.

Naughty Bacchus wants to know how you flirt? How do you let that sexy guy know that you find him attractive? Better yet, how do you get him to come home with you?

There are quite a few kinds of flirting — last week and for the next several Fridays, Bacchus will take a closer look at each type.

Are you subtle, feeling things out with non-verbal signals? Maybe trade glances and smiles throughout the night before one of you finally walks over to say hi? Introducing our second flirt…

Mr. CalmCoolandCollected
“I noticed him standing in the corner of the room as soon as I walked into the bar. We made eye contact; I smiled, he nodded. We both quickly glanced away pretending to be uninterested. As I approached the bar to order my drink, a thought crossed my mind, ‘Hmm, I wonder if he’s watching me.’

So I turned my head to look back and say his eyes in my direction. ‘Yes!’ I thought as I gave him a wink and a smile. Confident in our mutual interest, I turned back to order a drink from the bartender.”

Do you flirt like Mr. CalmCoolandCollected?
This guy always keeps it on the lowdown. Think of the most interesting man in the world, yeah him. Now act like him. You'll do fine flirting this Friday.

However you flirt, come practice it at Bacchus tonight.
Absolut is $6 all day. DJ Takai is spinning at 10PM.
Always fun. Never a cover.

Next Friday, we'll introduce you to our third flirt, Mr. CruiseOnline.