Singers Who Drink...

Today is National Moonshine Day. It'll conjure up thoughts of Then and Now. Bonnie and Clyde and maybe even Al Capone vs. the current hipster homemade hooch joints in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. But it's Sunday, so our thoughts get lazier and when we think of Moonshine, our thoughts turn to floating in an inner tube with a hottie and a bottle of grain alcohol - wondering who'll make the first move. Ahhhhh...there's naughty Bacchus again! 

The Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu holds their Beer Bust Fundraiser today at Bacchus starting at 2PM. Your first beer is $5 and refills are only $2. There'll be burgers and Jell-O shots and outstanding raffle prizes and an all-around good time.

True to form, you know some chorus members are gonna dress up as ol' hilbillies and put on a great show. It's gonna be a fun Sunday afternoon with these drinking singers, or is it singing drinkers?

Those Jell-O shots just might be made with a little Moonshine (the modern version, of course). The kind that won't make you lose your mind and do things that you'll regret (or, like naughty Bacchus, maybe they'll make you proud).

We look forward to seeing you today. :-)