ASK BACCHUS: What's He Drinking?

Just this morning, we got an email from a customer:

I was at Bacchus last night (TRIVIA! woo-hoo!) and this guy kept ordering Gimlets. What's a Gimlet?

A Gimlet was a cocktail invented for sailors as a way to prevent scurvy. It didn't take long for them to realize that the drink was also delicious. Here's what's in it:

Traditional Gimlet
A shot of Gin + a squeeze of lime juice + a dash of simple syrup - shake with ice, strain and serve. Rose's Lime Juice is a frequent substitute for the lime juice and simple syrup, but if you want fresh lime juice, just tell the bartender.

But that's not the only thing fresh about a Gimlet. It's the era of mixology, so, of course there are variations called Bastardized Gimlets. They include the increasingly popular Vodka Gimlets and Tequila Gimlets.

We're happy to make you any kind of Gimlet you want with what we have in house. We'd also like you to think how the lime juice in the Gimlet saved sailors from Vitamin C deficiency. :-)

Talk about sailors, of course, and our thoughts go right to homosexuality amongst men at sea. Well, homosexuality has always been pretty prevalent throughout history in the armed forces. This was true especially during wartime where men with no other sexual outlets often turned to one another. Perhaps during these times, attitudes towards homosexuality are slightly relaxed and the behavior was turned a blind eye.

Tom of Finland certainly helped create the gay mystique about sailors with his erotic sketches and Fassbinder's Querelle brought some of those visuals to life. We enjoy a man in a uniform (and out of uniform). We salute gay sailors and are glad they'll never get scurvy - especially when they're drinking Gimlets at Bacchus. Naughty Bacchus asks you to enjoy these photos of "sailors" and invites your mind create a story about each one… mmmmmmm.

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