Timeless: Errol Flynn

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Today, for our second installment of TIMELESS, a look back at the MALE sex symbols of the 20th Century, we focus on Errol Flynn. A sexy, whisky-drinking playboy who died at 50.

Watch his old swashbuckling movies and you'll figure out that Errol Flynn is probably responsible for your attraction to charismatic men. He was extremely attractive; he was quite a naughty man, too.

He was born on June 20, 1909 in Tasmania. He completed his early schooling in Australia and London, but was expelled during his teen years for having a sexual liaison with a school's laundress. He bummed around doing odd jobs in his late teens and early twenties and soon found himself acting in the starring role, Fletcher Christian, in an Australian film version of Mutiny on the Bounty. His success in the role led him to London for a short time and then to Hollywood where he signed with Warner Bros in 1934.

His good looks and lean, toned physique meant that he was typecast in swashbuckling roles. He soon found himself acting in lead roles opposite Olivia de Haviland and Bette Davis. As his popularity grew, his suave, debonair, devil-may-care attitude was characterized as "Errolesque" by author Benjamin S. Johnson. To be like Errol Flynn was the coolest! Men dressed like him, grew their mustaches to be like his and they spoke like him. And, many men wanted to sleep with him. Sigh..........

Around 1942, Errol Flynn became a US citizen. At the same time developed a reputation for boozing and womanizing. The same year, two underage girls accused him of statutory rape. The press had a field day. After a trial where Flynn was acquitted, his acting career was finished.

He eventually moved to Jamaica, bought a hotel and lived the life of a playboy (a 3x-married one, but still a playboy). He died in Vancouver, British Colombia at the age of 50 after overdosing on demerol for back pain. The attending physician claimed that Flynn's liver couldn't process the drug because it was so addled by liquor. His steadfast fans were saddened by his death.

His good looks, like Valentino's and Marilyn Monroe's are forever ingrained in our memories. We'll never know a 90 year old Errol Flynn, or, a 107 year old Errol Flynn had he lived to his birthday, eleven days from now. He remains the object of many a swashbuckling sexual fantasy for men and women- the hero come to save the day and excite the night.

Next week, we take a look at the life of heart throb Gary Cooper.

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