Friday Flirting, Part 3

We're reminding you that Naughty Bacchus wants to know how you flirt. We've introduced you to two types of letting that sexy guy know that you find him attractive.

And, by now, you know that there are quite a few kinds of flirting — today, we look at the Browser.

Are you a little less "forward" than Mr. Confidence? Do you like to do a bit more reconnaisance than Mr. CalmCoolandCollected? Do you cruise apps on your phone to see who’s online at Bacchus? Maybe you even send them a little note to say hello and ask if they’re interested in meeting you at Bacchus for a drink? If so, you might be a Browser. 

Here's how the Browser goes about flirting:

“I feel like I’m even shyer than most people. I guess I’m afraid of getting rejected in person but when I get a non response on an app, it's not that rough.

I turned on Scruff while I was sitting in the hot tub in my hotel room. I scrolled through the profiles and stopped at a handsome local with stern and sexy gaze. I clicked to enlarge his photo and read his profile. I sent him a woof and messaged him telling him that I thought he looked great and asked him if he was going out tonight.

I got an immediate reply with a wink and a 'thank you.' He let me know he was going to be out that night. I told him that I was heading to Bacchus. He said he would come by and say hi.

Flash forward — later that evening I sat at the barstool with a Bacchus Mule, flirting with the bartender, Robson. Just as I was wondering if my online wink would turn up, I felt a tap on my shoulder. My heart sped up a few beats as I turned to look. It was him!”

Do you know someone like this? Are YOU this guy?
Maybe you're Mr. Confidence or Mr. CalmCoolandCollected. Whatever the case and however you flirt, come practice it at Bacchus tonight.

DJ Takai (happy birthday to you!) is on the tables at 10 spinning Waikiki up, down, over and out. Our favorite clear spirit, Absolut vodka is $6 all day/all night.

Never a cover. Always fun.