Slut shaming. We've all done it — to our friends and to strangers.

“You're a slut.”

"You can't keep it in your pants. No wonder you can't keep a man."

“Why the hell are you in an open relationship to begin with if you're going to hook up with other guys? So fuckin' trashy!”

"You're such a disgusting whore. You hooked up three different guys this weekend."

“If you publicly announce you have an open relationship you gotta be prepared for comments. I think an open relationship is bullshit.”


Sure, we kid, we joke, we poke and prod our buddies just to be funny. In doing so we're contributing to the stereotype that gay men are catty, bitter, backbiting queens. We all share a common struggle, and have a responsibility to be kinder to each other than society has been to us. Yes, some people are promiscuous — that doesn’t mean they're "less than" you.

We need to stand up against the morality police. Who are we to govern the sexual practices of others? Who are we performing for? Why do we need to criticize others to affirm our own decisions? Do we really want the same societal pressure placed upon our relationships that straight people have to contend with?

Some people are actually happy being single and playing the field.

Here at Bacchus Waikiki, we remind everyone to accept others for who they are. We do. That's part of what makes us the friendliest neighborhood gay bar in town.

Who cares if your friend has lots and lots of sex? Be happy for him that he wants sex and is able to fulfill his desires. Join the sexual revolution (btw: you're late)!

Who cares if your other friend is a prude? You should be happy for him and his quest to live up to his own ideals. But, please, call out the asshole or hypocrite that judges other people on living their life to the fullest the way they want.

Even Naughty Bacchus doesn’t want you to be a hypocrite. Let people enjoy themselves within their own boundaries, limits and desires.

Come to Bacchus this weekend and welcome the men visiting for RIMPAC.
Be promiscuous or not. We won't slut shame you. But we'd love to hear the details. :-)
Today, Absolut is $6. Saturday, Jack Daniels is $6.
Both nights, our DJ starts at 10PM.
Sunday, the HIGFFL is hosting a Beer Bust starting at 2PM.
Monday, we encourage you to meet the Bacchus crew
(and the HIGFFL, H4, Aloha Bears and others) at Ft. DeRussy Beach Park for
(what's becoming) the annual gayest 4th of July party in Honolulu!

Did you know about the seven deadly sins. They're a biblical thing....and probably going to show up in our next trivia night. ;-)