Set Summer On Cruise Control

When you're having a manic Monday — you're hot and sweaty and want a delicious refreshing, salty and sweet, boozy and fruity cocktail — the $3 Monday Margarita in the air conditioned coolness of Bacchus is the optimal choice. Join us today/tonight to make your Monday less manic.

The Aloha Bears met up at Bacchus on Sunday morning to register for their second Sunday catamaran booze cruise- then went on a beautiful 90 minute cruise and came back to the bar for lunch and cocktails. An excellent day.

Tuki, Bryant and Richard helped make the day a memorable one. Here are some photos from the day taken by guest photographer and trivia host, Steve Magan. Thanks Steve! (click to enlarge).

If you're interested in the next Aloha Bears booze cruise, it's on August 14th. Visit or click here to purchase tickets.