Leg Day

You may have noticed, that we've been blogging about men's bodies on Wednesdays...we're slowly working our way down...and back up. :-) Enjoy today's tribute to LEGS.

Men's legs are some of the most beautiful things on this earth. One would think that as gay men, we don't generalize (LOL), and should appreciate our legs for their natural elegance.

Muscled, lean, hairy, smooth....all so sexy....

In general, leg tone is more distinguished when the legs are clean shaven. And while you do gain better visual tone when you shave, you lose one of the leg's distinguishing characteristics. Leg hair is a sign of hot masculinity. We love 'em all.

The two limbs that hold up your torso are sensual columns of muscle and skin....and as we look up from your feet, they lead toward the pleasure zones.... It's, um, hard :-) to look at a man's legs and not think of what lies above.

That said...we drink a toast (or enjoy a 2-4-1 Wednesday cocktail) to men's legs. Click to enlarge.

Coming next Monday, as a tribute to our Trivia Night Beefcake theme, sexy bodybuilder and movie "star," Steve Reeves. Here's a teaser.

Drink with us today. 2-4-1 cocktails all day/all night and DJ Kuya is up at 10PM. Never a cover. Always fun!