Lats Do It

Wednesdays at Bacchus feature a 2-4-1 Cocktail special and tonight, DJ/VJ Matt is on at 10PM. Wednesday's blog posts are about men's of 'em.....that make us sigh.... and after a week with Beefcake images, it's obvious that our brains are wired to ogle a guy's muscles.

Whether a man's body is beefy or lean, hairy or smooth, if it has a triangular shape to it, we're hooked.

It's not often that you see a guy's lats up close, but when he's shirtless or in a bathing suit (Hello Hawaii!) and we get a glimpse, mmmmmmmm - something about a strong back reeks of manliness! You just want to reach out and massage those muscles.

For some, they're the muscles that are sometimes completely neglected, but that might be why we like them. A guy with great lats is such an eye-catcher. Visible from all angles: front, side and behind, and part of the upper back, they're something you can grab onto when you're...…you know. :-)

No matter what your state of musculature is, today's the day to order up a cocktail at Bacchus and get that wooden nickel for the second one to use any time. Think about what turns you on about a guy....yes, we know (and encourage you to acknowledge) that it's more than physical.

Join us today or tonight. Never a cover. Always fun. :-)